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Barn Expectations

The following is a list of expectations we have in order to maintain a safe, clean, and friendly experience for all boarders:

We Ensure That...

Horses are fed twice daily with 2 flakes of hay and 1 scoop of 12% complete grain. Additional flakes and grain options are available for a extra fee.

Stalls are cleaned and fresh bedding is added Monday through Saturday.

Horses are turned out Monday through Saturday per owners wishes. (Weather and conditions permitting)

Every horse has 2 water buckets that are filled daily and cleaned on a regular basis.


Clean up any messes your horse leaves behind.

In order to ensure that our facility stays as clean as possible, we ask all boarders to dispose of any manure left in the aisleways, wash station, or arenas. Simple scoop it into the nearby dedicated cart and a worker will take it from there.

Clean the Shower After Each Use.

To avoid flooding and clogged drains, please sweep up all mud, hay, manure, and debris left in the shower and dispose of properly.

Keep Manure Carts for Manure.

Horse hair, hay, and debris should be disposed of in the trash cans. 

Return the Hose After Using It.

Please shut off water at the spigot and drain the hose before winding it up and returning it to the reel.

Return All Tools After Use.

If you use a wheelbarrow for any purpose, please return it to its proper location.

Return all picks, shovels, brooms, etc. to their designated area and hang them in the wall mounts.

Drive Cautiously On the Property.

Please drive slowly for the safety of fellow boarders, horses, and any other animals roaming around.

Reach Out to Us with Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns.

We work hard to make this a great experience for all, and communication is the key to making that happen. 

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